March 3rd - 7pm

Acts Revival Center

3275 Williams Rd, San Jose, CA

March 5th-7th - 7pm, March 8th - 11:30am

Giver of Life 

1435 Koll Cir #102, San Jose, CA

March 11th - 7pm

Lighthouse Apostolic Church

1515 Santa Ana Rd, Hollister, CA

March 20th-21st - TBA

TBA - Pastor David Wu 


March 22nd - 10:30am

Voice of Triumph

42616 Albrae St, Fremont, CA

March 29th - 10:30am

Star of David Church

520 W Virginia St, San Jose, CA

April 7th-20th 

Kenya Missions


April 22nd-24th - 7pm

Mt. Zion World Outreach Church

320 Wimberly Dr, Spartanburg, SC

April 26th - 10:45am and 6pm - 24th-30th - 7pm 

May 1st - 7:30pm

Cornerstone Church

129 E Beech St, Cochran, GA


Be apart of what God is doing around the world.  be apart of a Zadok Revolution calling the church back to pure worship, real power, and radical surrender to God.


T: 817-898-0440

E: zadokchurch@aol.com

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