A prophetic Warning to the Democrat Party and the Preachers who support them.

Once again Hear the Word of the Lord. Everything the Democrat party touches will be cursed, I the Lord will frustrate their plans, and cause chaos and destruction to surround them. I will fill their minds with reprobate thoughts and turn them over to delusion and deception. I will cause My Spirit to fight against them for they have fought against Me, and My bride.

My people, do not align yourself with those who have rejected Me, who fight against my Holy Covenant people, and who pervert My ways while invoking My Name.

For the Democrat party has stood as an evil hoard against My people and My purposes. They have rejected Me and have replaced My words of righteousness with their own words wickedness.

They claim to be holy yet they are utterly corrupt. They buy, bribe, lie, manipulate, extort, pervert, and cause to error many of My people. They manipulate and deceive like the serpent in the Garden. They claim to be the harbingers of Truth but their mouths are full of lies.

The poison of asp is on their lips and they strike with bonds of wickedness.

I, the Lord thy God, am against them for they are against Me and My covenant people. I will decimate the Democrat party and I will purge the Republican party.

“Now therefore, be wise, O kings; Be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, And rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, And you perish in the way...

Repent, call unto Me, seek Me and My righteousness. Do Not align with those of the household of wickedness. Do not align with the purveyors of hate and division under the guise of unity and justice. Do not align with those who deceive with the voice of the serpent and call that which I call evil Good and that which I call good Evil.

For Justice must come. Cry out for Justice for the child in the womb. Don’t align with those who murder their children on the Alters of Baal. For this is a great Evil that I have seen and My wrath is kindled.

For My people who have surrendered to the Gods of Molech for personal gain have brought judgement upon themselves. They have opened the floodgates of poverty, sexual immorality, perversion, and have suffered the curse of injustice because they allow this great injustice to continue.

Even My priest, My shepherds, My appointed mouthpieces have kept silent in this great injustice of Abortion. You have stood side by side with the murders and yet wonder why your people whom I gave you to Shephard are not walking as I walked. Repent you wayward shepherds who bleed My sheep while you wallow in your luxury. You claim that you deserve the “Blessings of Gold, fine clothing, palaces, and comfort”, all the while the sheep in your care are destroyed because of sin.

You preach with the fire of a prophet yet your words are perverted and hollow. You do not call for righteousness and true Justice. You ignite the flesh and yet starve the spirit. Your worship is filled with sexual perversion yet you look the other way. You celebrate talent over holiness and have brought wickedness into my alter.

You lust for honor and power while trampling under foot the poor and weak among you. This too is a great injustice I have seen.

I shall cleanse My pulpit of those who have prostituted My name and used My anointing for personal gain.

Have I not called you to lay down your life for the sheep. Have I not called you to chase away and fight the wolf even if it cost you your own life. You are Not shepherds after my own heart, you are hirelings who care nothing for My sheep but only for your own comfort.

Repent quickly of all this wickedness lest I come and remove you. Lead My people in the paths of righteousness and away from All wickedness. Stand up against and fight Abortion. Stop the sacrificing of children on this alter of demons and I will fight against All injustices.

If you repent I will break the back of Racial, economic, social, and political injustices. I will release My justice into the land.

Repent quickly or I will remove you, for I will have shepherds after my own heart.

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