Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence dream. 2/4/21

Had a strange dream last night. I woke up believing it was a divine warning.

In the dream I saw what looked like a large, 9 inch tall ear about 6 inches behind my right ear on my head. It then had a tube about 4” in diameter extending from it than circled infant of my face around the other side of my head and ended at the edge of my peripheral vision of my left eye. At about the 11 o’clock position in front my left eye the tube bulged like there was some sort of blockage.

I then heard a voice say that big tech is tracking everything you do online, your movements through cell phone tracking and credit card purchases. They are using this information as if they were listening to all your thoughts and conversations. (The large ear on my right side). It then carried all that information to the bulge.

The voice then said “they are using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to predict how you will behave in the future. They are deciding who is a “danger” to their demonic agenda and how to manipulate and control them, and even neutralize their influence if needed.”

In the dream I knew that the tube was suppose to wrap all the way around to my left ear and speak into my left ear to manipulate and control me.

However it stopped short. I became aware that my left ear was listening to something else. It was Another voice. It was The voice of the Lord. He was giving strategies and instructions that the AI couldn’t predict.

The AI wanted to take all the info it was gathering to manipulate, control, and even attack me but it couldn’t because I was listening to another voice. No matter how much it tried the AI couldn’t predict, manipulate, control, or even attack the one whose ear was attentive to the voice of the Lord.

Steve Foss

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