Satan's Big Fat Lie

From Chapter 1 (“The Vision”)

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In the spring of 2000 I was leading worship during a prayer meeting at the church I was pastoring when I was suddenly standing on a large battlefield. On one side was the army of God led by Jesus. On the other side was a long single row of demons. Both armies stretched as far as the eye could see.

The army of God was fully clothed in magnificent white armor, and the soldiers were standing at attention, each in perfect order and arrayed for battle. Jesus was front and center of the army, sitting on a beautiful, majestic, white horse. I had never seen a horse so magnificent.

As I looked on the other side of the battlefield I saw terror on the demons’ faces. They weren’t running away, but they had a look of impending doom. Their weapons were tattered and old—a collection of single-shot muskets, bows and arrows, and rusty swords. Compared with the powerful-looking weapons of the army of God, these old weapons looked feeble, but they could still cause injury and death.

The camps were surrounded by demons that acted like guards. The guards formed a circle around the camp, yet in each camp there was always a large gap through which anyone could have easily walked out. However, the prisoners had such poor eyesight that they seemed to not be aware of the gaps.

Inside each camp I saw sickly people. Some were shuffling around as though they walked with a limp, others were crawling, and many others lay unable to move. There were small fires throughout the camps that many of these prisoners would gather around. Although the fires provided a small amount of light, they produced no heat. Even so the prisoners would gather close to the fires and stretch out their hands as if to warm themselves. They seemed unaware that the fires produced no heat.

I asked the Lord, “Who are these prisoners, and what are these camps?” The Lord said, “These camps are cities, and the prisoners are My churches.” Upon hearing this I was heartbroken and shocked at how weak, blind, and diseased the churches were.

As I watched these prisoners I saw that many would reach down to the ground and eat some of the dung. When they ate the dung, they would stand up a bit stronger and taller for a few moments, but then they would quickly become weaker and more diseased. I asked the Lord, “What is this dung?” He said, “It is the works of the flesh. Many of My people in these camps think the dung is the work of My Spirit. They eat the dung thinking they are eating of the freedom of My Spirit and that they are doing the work of My kingdom.”

Boils and festering wounds covered many of them. The wounds oozed a smelly puss that dripped off them onto the dung-covered ground.

I was shocked by how diseased, weak, and bound the prisoners were. “These are God’s churches?” I thought to myself. As I looked at the fires I noticed that some of the stronger prisoners who could wander around would occasionally try to join with the prisoners hovering around a fire. Often the ones around the fire would attempt to drive the newcomers away. They were afraid of the other prisoners and thought they had come to steal from them.

I asked the Lord “What was this dung attack?” He said, “In the last days the enemy is going to unleash a massive attack of the works of the flesh such as has never been seen before. Nobody will escape being hit by this attack. Only those who keep their eyes fixed on Me will be able to overcome this assault of wickedness.”

Then roughly ten years later, in 2021, I was taken back into this vision exactly where the previous one had left off. The army began marching forward. The demons continued to unleash volley after volley of dung upon the army of God. The closer we got to the enemy’s battle lines, the faster and more intense were the attacks of the works of the flesh.

I saw many more soldiers falling away. They would get their eyes off Jesus and be overcome by the dung as it spread all over their bodies until they were consumed and fell to the ground. They would then become so covered with dung that they looked as if they had been buried in a shallow grave.

I looked at Jesus as this was happening, and He never flinched or looked back. His focus was straight ahead. I thought He was focused on the massive sea of lost humanity, but then I realized He was looking past them. I wondered in my heart what Jesus was looking at.

Then I heard a voice say, “He is focused on the end of the age.” I then saw beyond the sea of lost humanity, and there appeared a huge, empty white throne. The thought filled my mind, “Why is it empty? Where is the Father?” I then realized this was Jesus’ throne to rule and reign from here on the earth.

I glanced back toward the fallen soldiers and wondered why Jesus wasn’t stopping to take care of them. I could feel a hidden presence in the rear of the fallen soldiers and sensed that the Lord had a plan but wasn’t going to stop for anything until the end of the age.

As the soldiers were revealed, they began to move and rise up out of the shallow graves. Their skin was still covered with dirt, but the remnants of the dung was no longer acidic. As I watched several rise up I notice they were a bit disoriented, like someone coming out of a deep sleep.

As they rose they all started to look for Jesus. All of them had trouble seeing at first. Some had blurry vision; others couldn’t see at all. I heard cries. Some said, “Jesus is so far away.” Others couldn’t see Jesus at all and cried, “He left me. How could He leave me?”

Jesus had continued to move forward in the battle and was now quite a distance away from where these soldiers had fallen. The angels encouraged them, “Just look to Jesus; He’s closer than you think. Ask for eye salve.” The soldiers were still covered with a dark coating. It was the darkness of shame. This was going to be a great battle for some to overcome.

Some responded quickly and asked the Lord for eye salve so they could see. When they asked for the salve, a clear, thick substance the size of a small egg appeared in their angels’ hands, and the angels applied it to the soldiers’ eyes. Then suddenly they could see. Their countenance lit up, and the darkness fled from them as they began to shine bright white.

Others panicked and said, “I’m lost, I’m lost! I can’t see.” The angels had great patience and care for these fallen soldiers. The angels told the rising soldiers, “You must pick up your armor and present it back to the Lord so He can cleanse it.”

That statement seemed odd to me, and I questioned it in my heart, “Each piece of the armor is a revelation of the Word and truth,” I thought, “so why would it need to be cleansed?” A voice spoke to me and said, “The reason they fell is because a lie got mixed in with the truth they once walked in. The lie made them vulnerable and weakened them. They must submit the armor back to the Lord so he can remove the perversions and purify what they believe. Truth will protect you, but a little lie produces deception. Deception is the great tool of the enemy at the end of the age.”

I then saw crows flying down, attacking these rising soldiers and trying to pluck out their eyes. The screeching of the crows pierced through me, but it wasn’t just noise. They were screaming, “Shame! Shame!” They would land on the soldiers’ shoulders, scream in their ears, “Shame! Shame!” and try to pluck out their eyes.

The angels, who were mostly very calm and patient, yelled at the soldiers saying, “Pick up your sword and pick up your helmet. The helmet has an eye shield, and it protects your vision. It will keep your focus on Jesus and His mission.”

Shame told them Jesus had left them behind, but this was not true.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you,” another voice said. I turned and looked to see who was speaking. As I turned to face the rear of the battlefield, I felt a gentle, cool wind blowing. I saw no one, and I couldn’t tell where the voice and the wind were coming from.

The wind was so refreshing, as it was filled with life. I just stood there for a moment, closed my eyes, and allowed the gentle wind of refreshing to blow on and through me. I stood there so still, taking slow, deep breaths. Everything became calm and quiet. Instead of the dark, dirty, smelly, death-filled battlefield, my mind and senses became filled with this beauty.

“I am joy unspeakable and full of glory. I am the river of living water. I am the fountain. I am the restorer of streets to dwell in. I am the hope of glory.

“I have always been and always will be. I am the Spirit of truth. I am the unity of the Spirit. I am the manifestation of the Three.

“I am the Holy Spirit.”

I have given you a gift to bring restoration to My fallen soldiers. I have anointed you to bring them deliverance from the torment of shame by bringing them truth.

“There is much more I will yet show you about the battle ahead and the end of the age, but now you must go and bring this message to My people. Warn them, equip them, deliver them, and empower them. Teach them to come to My secret place. Teach them to dwell with Me in perfect peace. Teach them to focus on Jesus and the end of the age. Teach them that they can and must walk free from shame.

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