The Big Tech assault on My Churches

We have enter a pivot point in American Christianity. The enemy has been working aa master plan and is executing it as we speak. The demon principalities that are controlling much of the Big tech are using these powerful forces to attack Gods plans and God’s people. Once Big Tech decides in their nearly omniscient wisdom that something isn.t true and start believing it can be harmful, they will start feeling they are “morally” required to deplatform. Since big tech leaders are socialist, anti christian, leftist, it won’t be long till they decide that Christian teaching is a “danger” to society and that Christian speach MUST be stiffled and removed from the “social conversation”. Mark the words of this Prophet. This is what is coming in every increasing measure. I have warned leaders for years that building your main communication and expression of your ministry on facebook n twitter was dangerous. They first enticed you to their platforms. Then this virus was unleashed on us and they closed down in person church attendance and FORCED us to be exclusively on their platforms and NOW many churches are trapped. Either conform or be “Cancelled”. It is time to think wisely. Do you best to control every step of the process. Use social media platforms that are Christian controlled like Web sites and apps like Subsplash, Christian web host and others. We must take what we have seen as a wake up call. Backup all your important information not in the Cloud but in your own detachable hard drives. Move your members back to YOUR website and off of Facebook. To the local churches. Stop being allured by the false promise of reaching the world through big tech and focus on your local community. Many were seduced by how many ‘Views’ they were getting believing the lie that they were expanding their ministry. The great lie is that if a person sees your live feed for 3 seconds it counts as a view and the average viewer stays 30 sec. Now is the time for action. Refocus on your immediate mission before you. Get out of your closet and get into the streets. Online ministry is NOT going away. It must simply MOVE away from big tech. The spirit of seduction that promised fame and affirmation seduced many a preacher. Time to get back to the basics and focus on reaching people within our God given sphere of influence. There will be global ministries. There will be massive online ministries. However the greatest work will be accomplished through LOCAL church ministries focused on their communities. Your not successful because you have a large online viewership. Your successful when you fulfill Gods local mandate for you.

Dr Steve Foss

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