This is the HILL worth dying on.


Dear Sen, Rubio and all Senators.

As a highly educated 55 yr old man, I have followed the election results, fraud claims, lawsuits, etc closely. I am a research hound and don't ever just believe what I read on social media. I verify everything.

This election was ripe with outright fraud, violations of election laws, deception, radical suppression of true information by our social media and MSM platforms. This cannot and will not stand. I travel extensively. I was in all lower 48 states between July 4th and Sept 27th of this year. The public support for Trump as seen in trump yard signs and flags was at least 20 to 1 to Biden. Never in all my years of closely following politics have I ever seen such support and loyalty to a politician. Black, White, old, young, hispanic, all vocally supporting and promoting Trump ALL across the country except of a very few ares like DC.

I am very well connected. I can tell you that if Biden is allowed to complete this theft of an election the Trump base will NOT accept it. There is a massive uprising and I can honestly say we are closer to a civil war than I thought would ever be possible. The people are angry, distrustful of DC, DOJ, FBI, and especially MSM.

Trump cannot concede and YOU and the other senators , if the Biden electors make their way to the congress on jan 6th with him having more than 270, MUST STAND UP. You and all freedom loving senators MUST contest the electors from PA, GA, MI, WI, AZ, NV. Biden did NOT legally win this election. I understand the severity and precedence of what I am demanding. But never in American History have we had such outright lawlessness in an election. States violating their own laws, Democrat controlled areas counting in secret, throwing out observers or making them stand so far away that its meaningless. Untraceable ballots, unexplained ballot dumps in the middle of the night, Hillarys statement for Biden to NOT concede no matter what but wait for days till he wins, serious questions about Dominion voting machines even if they didn't "switch" votes they are so easy to cheat through the digital adjudication process.

This CANNOT STAND. We cannot and will not wait to fix it for next time. THIS IS IT NOW. There is no next time. You and the other freedom loving senators MUST STAND FOR WE THE PEOPLE. This is the Hill we must be willing to die on. If we don't have elections that we can be confident in then we don't have AMERICA anymore. Do NOT allow AMERICA to be lost on your watch... We are praying for you and all our elected leaders. May the Lord Jesus give you the strength and the courage to fight THIS battle.

Dr. Steve Foss

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