Why So many Political Post?

Please understand the reason I am posting so many “political” post is to keep this massive injustice before everyone’s eyes. The Devil wants us to just quit. This is no time to quit. The false idea that the natural and spiritual are to be separated is also a lie from the enemy. I am presently working on some incredible new teachings that has nothing to do with current events, however I have learned that if you flood people with too many differing messages they tend to not stay focused. Again this is NOT the time to “just move on”. It is time to double down and cry out for justice and mercy. Some claim we are living in denial. No we are living in Faith and trust in God. When the Dr says your cancer is incurable do you just concede? So its ok to believe against hope for a healing miracle but not a national miracle? For example, If your daughter was kidnapped and the police said its no use. She must be dead so just move on. What parent will just move on? As long as there is some possibility of hope then you keep seeking and even beyond hope. America is a gift from God to the nations. We haven’t always held up to our great high calling but America is still a vital part of Gods endtime plan. That plan cannot be fulfilled if we become socialist. That plan cannot be fulfilled if we keep murdering the unborn by the millions. That plan cannot be fulfilled if we surrender to the ungodly globalist rulers of this world. Only as we stand as a beacon of light as one nation under God can we fulfill this divine purpose. This must happen as we flood every and we invade every sphere of life. Religious, business, education, and of course governmental. Only as we bring Christ and demand justice will we see America fulfill her endtime purpose. Evil forces have kidnapped our daughter, America. The justice system has said so far that its over. You have no hope of finding what was stolen. I, like a loving parent will not concede to this grave injustice. I will stand, seek, search, and cry out day and night till I recover what was lost. This I feel is a true and deep calling from God. I, and many other preachers have not lost our way, we are on a mission to directed by the Holy Spirit to contend for our nations God given mandate. This has never been about Trump but about Truth. Dr Steve Foss

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